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It was developed to optimize my webpages which were created using Incomedia's "WebSite X5"
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20 August 2015

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It was developed to optimize my webpages which were created using "WebSite X5" (firstly Smart 9, later Compact 9, now Evolution 11). It offers functions which are not included in the respective version of "WebSite X5" and gives you the possibility to rework HTML-projects created by Incomedia's "WebSite X5". Especially for the "small" versions "Free" and "Smart" (starting from Release 10 it was renamed into "Home") this program gives you an advanced functionality; this includes partial "Compact" too. Meantime there are some functions which could be from interest for users of "Evolution".
The producer of "WebSite X5", Incomedia, explicitly indicates in all versions and releases on it, that it's possible to rework the HTML-pages (function "Export"). This program uses this possibility. No licence key will be cracked and no licence law will be bypassed; the usage of this program is completely legal.
This possibility I want to give all other Free-, Smart-/Home- and Compact-users of „Website X5“.
The editing bases on "WebSite X5" projects, you can edit/manage/rework an unlimited number of projects.
If the result should be wrong then open your project in “WebSite X5” and export it to the hard disk again. This will overwrite the error pages. The project files used by “WebSite X5” itself will be NOT changed, only the exported results (HTML pages and images).
The reworking of the projects bases on that the project was exported onto your hard disk (this I make every time to check the changes by different browsers local).
After EVERY modification of your project in “WebSite X5” you have to export and rework it. Don’t forget to refresh your reworking settings (e. g. a new page or other)!
The transmission of your project directly from “WebSite X5” into the internet isn’t possible - you must tranfer the reworked pages on your hard disk - but there are a lot of good freeware FTP-clients.

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